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Fingerprinting for FBI in Delhi in India

Fingerprinting for FBI in Delhi in India

Recording Legible fingerprints:

Fingerprints can be recorded by two methods i.e. the biometric method with the help of a fingerprint live machine or with a traditional method of ink based method.


Biometric or electronic fingerprinting:

It is the newest way of recording the fingerprints in India. With the advancement of technology these method of fingerprint has become popular and is normally used by the state police, employers etc. This is a hassle free process and takes much less time as compared the other method of fingerprinting.


Traditional Ink and rolled fingerprinting Method:

Rolling of fingerprinting is done from nail to nail once the ink is applied on the finger with the help of a roller. It is usually done a prescribed format such as FBI FD 258 card, Canada C216c form. It is also know as ten digit fingerprinting method. We also take flat prints in this of the finger together. A fingerprint expert usually start with the right hand and and finishes with the left hand of the person this ensure high sequential accuracy of work.


The USA state police for whom we do fingerprinting are:

FBI Alabama
Alaska California
Connecticut Georgia
Hawaii Idaho
Illinois Kansas
Maryland Michigan
Missouri Montana
Nevada New Jersey
New York North Carolina
North Dakota Ohio
Oklahoma Oregon
South Carolina South Dakota
Texas Utah
Washington Wyoming