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Fingerprint Comparison / Matching

Fingerprint Comparison / Matching

We are a team of professional and certified forensic fingerprint experts in India, who can make the comparison of two fingerprints on any document or on any surface. We can assist you in comparison / matching of two or more fingerprints and can let you know whether it is of the same finger or two different fingers.

Our specialized team of fingerprint experts in India can do fingerprint comparison of the latent prints lifted from the scene of crime. We use the latest technology for fingerprint comparison / matching cases in India.

Our fingerprints / matching report is admissible in the court of law. We will submit your fingerprint examination report that will consist of:-

  1. Detail fingerprint report on our letterhead.
  2. Fingerprint enlarged photographs.

We have offices / experts location in India, Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Punjab, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, etc…

The different fields for fingerprint comparison / matching in India that we specialized in giving opinion in different cases are.

  • Will forgery cases,
  • Sale deed forgery,
  • Document forgery,
  • Power of attorney,
  • Anonymous letters,
  • Threatening letters,
  • Theft cases,
  • Crime Scene Investigation Cases,
  • Suicide notes / letters,
  • Bank notes,
  • Registry,
  • Fingerprints comparison in any other cases…..

Cities that we are capable of providing fingerprint comparison / matching services are:

Delhi Mumbai Coimbatore
Kolkata Ahmedabad Bengaluru/Bangalore
Hyderabad Gurugram/Gurgaon Srinagar
Visakhapatnam Darjeeling Raipur
Nagpur Chandigarh Jalgaon
Ujjain Jalandhar Surat
Alappuzha Cuttack Rohtak
Ambala Jammu Mysore
Vadodara Sonipat Ajmer
Secunderabad Udaipur Ernakulam
Chennai Kochi Varanasi
Amritsar Bhubaneswar Dispur
Meerut Panaji Fatehpur
Madurai Bhopal Lucknow
Nawada Agra Dehradun
Kanpur Noida Pathankot
Rajkot Thiruvananthapuram Indore
Ludhiana Jaipur Gwalior
Patna Shimla Pune
Rishikesh Karnal Panchkula
Ghaziabad Ooty Salem
Patiala Mapusa Mangalore
Ajmer Port Blair Daman & Diu