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Fingerprint for Visa/Immigration in Dispur

Fingerprint for Visa/Immigration in Dispur

We expertize in providing fingerprinting services in Dispur for the purpose of immigration and visa in Dispur for getting police clearance certificate from different countries, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Nigeria, UAE, etc… in Dispur.

Our fingerprinting services are available in Dispur, Delhi, Coimbatore, Bengaluru / Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chandigarh, etc… We provide fingerprinting services for the purpose of getting;

  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Visa and immigration purposes
  • Medical licensing
  • Physiotherapy licensing
  • Criminal History Record Check
  • Teaching licensing
  • Getting a TPA Licensing
  • Certificate of Clearance
  • TFSP Training Request
  • Fingerprint services for crime cases
  • Good Conduct Certificate
  • Nursing licensing

Our fingerprinting services are acceptable by all law enforcement  agencies such as FBI RCMP, AFP, Dubai Police, SPF, Nigeria Police, Hong Kong Police etc… We specialize in providing fingerprint services in Dispur for FBI, U.S.A, RCMP Canada, Singapore, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Bahamas, Nigeria, Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Australia, etc…

We provide complete end to end solution for getting the Police Clearance Certificates (PCC) from the following countries at a nominal fees:

Kuwait Oman Qatar
Saudi Arabia Nigeria Bahrain
Dubai Sharjah Singapore
Australia UAE New zealand
FBI U.S.A Canada RCMP United Kingdom


We are the one of the biggest fingerprinting service provider in Dispur who provide smudge proof and error proof fingerprinting services that are acceptable worldwide.

We have provided services and are capable of providing fingerprinting service at Dispur:

Tintukura N C, Azara, Chandrapur, Guwahati, North Guwahati, Sonapur, Kalitakuchi N C, Kharghuli, Narengi, No 1 Bonda Grant, No 2 Bonda Grant, etc…