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We at J. K. Consultancy forensic Lab are one of the most reputed forensic fingerprint experts in the world with our office located at Ahmedabad. We have seven fingerprinting centers in India. Our process is virtually error-free, avoiding smudged readings and/or delivery errors often associated with the fingerprint processing method. Fingerprint that we take are permanent, last forever and can be scanned into the automatic fingerprint identification system to ensure positive identification in Ahmedabad.

We have a team of qualified Fingerprint Expert in Ahmedabad, Forensic Experts in Ahmedabad, Forensic Scientists, FBI Fingerprint Experts in Ahmedabad, State Police Clearance Certificate in Ahmedabad or Background Check Consultants in Ahmedabad with national & international legal court cases solving and report writing experience, who take pride in their commitment to quality and their ability to deliver best fingerprinting services for VISA and Immigration in Ahmedabad and all other forensic science services on time and within the budget in Ahmedabad.

We deals on following aspect in fingerprint division i.e. Physical Aspects of Fingerprint Comparisons, lifting and development by various methods such as chemical or physical methods in Ahmedabad. Our Fingerprint services for visa and immigration is best in quality and accuracy available in Ahmedabad. We do fingerprint with zero error for FBI fingerprinting. Our Fingerprint Expert services available all over India including Ahmedabad. Fingerprint expert services that we provide:

  • PCC total solution for RCMP Canada in Ahmedabad: We help in getting the PCC from Canada RCMP in Ahmedabad in 10 – 15 days time anywhere in the world. We help in Digitization of fingerprints and getting the RCMP result very quickly in Ahmedabad.
  • Fingerprint for USA Medical License in Ahmedabad.
  • Fingerprint services for PCC issued from UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah.
  • Fingerprint on FBI FD-258 card (USA) in Ahmedabad.
  • Fingerprint verification for FBI Police Clearance certificate (PCC) in Ahmedabad.
  • Fingerprint Verification for Visa / Immigration in Ahmedabad
  • Fingerprint for FBI Criminal Background Check in Ahmedabad.
  • Fingerprinting For FINRA / TPA / Insurance License in Ahmedabad.
  • Fingerprint Verification for State police Clearance Certificate from Alabama, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Ohio, Maryland, California, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Washington, Oregon, South Dakota, Taxes, Utah, Wisconsin, Wyoming etc in Ahmedabad.
  • Fingerprint for Police Clearance Certificate Canada Australia, USA, New Zealand Immigration Visa Purposes Work permit in Ahmedabad.
  • Background check of the Indian person in Ahmedabad
  • Fingerprint services for Police Clearance Certificate and FBI criminal Background Check Australia Federal Police (AFP), Royal Canadian Mountain Police (RCMP), UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah), Singapore Police (CNCC), Saudi Arabia, Oman, Mexico, Zambia, Nigeria, Kenya, Thailand, Peru.
  • Fingerprint for Kuwait, Bahrain, Belgium Visa or work permit in Ahmedabad.
  • Medical License or Licensed Health Care Professional from Michigan, New York, Florida Nebraska, Louisiana USA etc.
  • Physiotherapy License from Michigan, New York, Florida, Nebraska, Louisiana USA etc.


We have fingerprint expert service all over India. We provide home service for the fingerprint expert in Ahmedabad.